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About Osmoliš

Our Roots

Everyone has at some point already heard of Dubrovnik, the so called pearl of Adriatic, whose history dates back all the way to the 6th century and maybe even earlier.

In addition to rich history, impressive architecture and famous fortifications, the Republic of Dubrovnik is known for its countryside culture.

General prosperity and a sense of security and freedom formed a culture of living in the humanistic spirit and encouraged creative enthusiasm.

The major traits of Dubrovnik’s cultural aesthetics - sophistication, harmony and an environment tailored to man - quickly emerged, while the spirit of leisure and joie d’vivre emanated to all corners of the Republic.

Summer houses with parks, terraces, ponds, porches and chapels were built outside the walls, in smaller places in the vicinity of Dubrovnik in the early 15th century, in step with time and the newly awakened understanding of nature, society, landscape and space.

One of such dreamy, Arcadian localities is Brsečine, a peaceful hamlet by the sea, only 17km away from  Dubrovnik. The area around the hamlet is rich in fragrant and salubrious mediterranean vegetation; lemons and figs, lavender and jujube, basil, bougainvillea, laurel and myrtle, all grace the nearby slopes, thanks to the benevolent, balmy mediterranean climate, so it is not surprising that in history it was a favorite resort of the local nobility, with two preserved summer houses still in place.

Olive growing and countryside living are richly intertwined in our tradition. The cultivation of this noble plant has been a trademark of this locality since the Dubrovnik Republic, with one ancient variety authentically grown in Brsečine and called Brsečka or Zuzorka, after the famous member of the local landed gentry, the Renaissance poetess and muse Cvijeta Zuzorić, who lived in a 16th century mansion.

Our Story

Looking back, we are able to find a golden connection through time, tying up the rich tradition and vitality of the area with a taste of carefree country life and ever-present olive trees and implement this to the story of our family hotel.

 Back in 1970s our grandparents began to host mostly European tourists in their family home in Brsečine. Next to their farm they fed domestic animals, grew fruits and vegetables, engaged in olive growing and produced homemade cheese.Guests and hosts ate at the same table, homemade, authentic food from the estate. . Our grandparents did not speak any foreign languages but they had a sophisticated vision of tourism and therefore managed to always have a house full of satisfied guests from all over Europe. Many of them came back for years due to the warm and friendly relationship they built with the hosts.

Our parents continued this hospitality tradition in their newly built county house where our mom cooked for her guests of whom some returned every year for a decade up until this whole story brutally ended by the outbreak of the homeland war in Croatia. Brsečine was devastated and so was our family home.

After a real difficult period, we had to start from the beginning and build up the entire property from ashes. Driven by the motivation to regain our lost paradise and return everything to the “original settings” of a long hospitality tradition, we decided to open a small family run hotel on our land near our family home. Due to the advantage that we live close to the hotel our goal is, to be in direct and daily interaction with our guests and pay close attention to the quality of service and of all products in person and on site. In addition, we will continue to grow our own olives on our nearby property, among others especially our traditional local type called Zuzorka/Brsečka, which we plan to make one of the hotel's trademark since their olive oil will be used in our restaurant and in close future also in the wellness. Since this is primarily a family project, each of us will bring its skills into a shared vision as we re-enter a new era of tourism.

Hotel Osmoliš

For the hotel’s name we’ve chosen a toponym, taken from a much-loved nearby microlocality - Osmoliš - a wooded peninsula of our childhood adventures and a place of great emotional value.

Hotel Osmoliš is located on an elevated part of Brsečine, approximately 20 minutes by car from Dubrovnik and only 15 minutes’ walk from the local beach, surrounded by olive trees, fragrant and medicinal Mediterranean plants and with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and the Elaphite Islands. It ensures privacy away from the noise of the city of Dubrovnik, and yet you are close enough to explore it. Here you will find all features for your perfect stay: amazing rooms for one or two guests or spacious apartments with terraces, equipped with private Jacuzzi or pool also suitable for families, unique dishes in our restaurant inspired by the dining culture of the Dubrovnik Republic, relaxation in our indoor or outdoor pool or a comforting treatment in the wellness area.

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