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One of such dreamy, Arcadian localities is Brsečine, a peaceful hamlet by the sea, only 17km away from  Dubrovnik, which was a favourite picnic spot and resort of the local nobility, with two preserved summer houses still in place, that of Cvijeta Zuzorić from the 16th century and the summer house of the Ohmučević- Bizzaro family with adjacent park and chapel.

Apart from its status of an unassuming leisure haven, Brsečine has also been known for olive growing already in the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. Cultivation of this noble plant has been a trademark of the locality ever since, with one ancient variety authentically grown in Brsečine and called Brsečka or Zuzorka, after the famous member of the local landed gentry, the Renaissance poetess and muse Cvijeta Zuzorić.

The area around the hamlet is rich in fragrant and salubrious mediterranean vegetation; lemons and figs, lavender and jujube, basil, bougainvillea, laurel and myrtle, all grace the nearby slopes, thanks to the benevolent, balmy mediterranean climate.


  • Dubrovnik        17  km
  • Beach              0,7 km       
  • Post office         9  km
  • Pharmacy          9  km
  • Market               9  km
  • ATM                  9  km 
  • Dubrovnik airport (DBV)     40 km