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Privacy Policy

Argosy d.o.o. based in Brsečine, Brdari 2d, OIB: 53697728076, highly respects and understands the importance of protecting the confidentiality and privacy of personal data that are collected or otherwise entrusted to us, and therefore brings this;

Argosy d.o.o. as your data controller, respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. The collection and storage of data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation), on the implementation of the General Regulation on Data Protection (Official Gazette, No. 42/2018) and other regulations governing this area applicable in the Republic of Croatia.

Personal data is considered to be any data relating to an individual whose identity has been established or can be established. Data of legal persons are not considered personal data, therefore, this Statement does not apply to them.

Herewith we would like to inform you on how we process personal data that we collect directly from you or from third parties, regardless of whether we collect them through our website or other channels. Certain parts of this Statement may be clarified by notifications provided on other parts of our website or in other ways, where it is more appropriate.

Data protection officer

Argosy d.o.o. has selected a personal data protection officer who you can be contacted any time at the e-mail address: or by regular mail addressed to Argosy d.o.o., Brdari 2d, Brsečine, 20232 Slano, Croatia.

Within the implementation of this Policy, Argosy d.o.o. pays special attention to the principles of data processing and processes data:

• Legally – by processing data only when it is allowed by law and only within the limits permitted by law.

• Fairly – by taking into account the specifics of each relationship, by applying all appropriate measures to protect personal data and privacy in general, and by allowing data subjects to exercise their rights.

• Transparently – by informing data subjects about the processing of personal data. From the beginning of data collection, when data subjects are informed about all aspects of data processing until the termination and in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation data, subjects get easy and quick access to their own data, including the ability to view and obtain copies. The access to certain information may be restricted only when required by law or when it is necessary to protect third parties.

• By ensuring purpose restrictions – personal data is processed for the purposes for which they are collected and may be processed only for other purposes in case the requirements prescribed by the Regulation are met.

The access to personal data of guests may also be granted to third-party processors (for example to Argosy d.o.o. associates providing IT or other services) where necessary and to a limited extent. Such data is stored in the databases until the appropriate processing of such data is completed. We will determine a detailed agreement with such parties regarding their authorities and obligations during the processing of personal data, in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation.

Argosy d.o.o. he is obliged to collect certain personal data in order to execute the appropriate accommodation contract and comply with the regulations governing hospitality. However, Argosy d.o.o may collect other or the same data for other purposes, primarily by maintaining contact. Such purposes include:

• Execution of accommodation contracts;

• compliance with legal requirements and other applicable positive regulations governing hospitality;

• Direct marketing;

• Submission of offers;

• Improving and personalizing the services offered to guests;

• Protection of property and safety of individuals achieved through the implementation of video surveillance measures

• Booking of accommodation (reservation via website or by phone call to our reception);

• Conclusion of the accommodation contract – registration at the reception, filling in the registration card

• Job application

• Free Wi-Fi registration on the website of Hotel Osmoliš

• Completing the survey in the Wellness

• Places under video surveillance

Also, Argosy d.o.o. receives the personal data of the client from other natural and legal persons, for example: from travel agencies that forward guest data for accommodation purposes, guests who book accommodation for persons with whom they will stay in the property.

The basic business subject of Argosy d.o.o. is the provision of accommodation services at hotel Osmoliš, therefore Argosy d.o.o. collects and processes your personal data for various purposes with the final goal of providing quality accommodation and related services.

Argosy d.o.o. as a processing controller, stores your personal data which you are obligated to deliver in order to be provided with the accommodation service in its database for the purpose of completing accommodation contracts and comply with legal obligations related to the hospitality business. In case you do not supply Argosy d.o.o. with minimum data required for booking accommodation and for registration to all relevant registers during the stay, Argosy d.o.o. will not be able to provide you with accommodation services in accordance with the contract and the law.

Certain information is necessary in order to act on the request of the client before concluding the accommodation contract. For example, before booking accommodation upon request of potential guests, accommodation offers are sent that Argosy d.o.o. needs personal information for, at least first name, last name and email address to be able to send an offer.

In order to finalize the reservation, when booking accommodation following personal data is collected by Argosy d.o.o.:

  • Name and surname of the reservation holder
  • Address of residence (Croatian citizens)
  • Date of birth
  • Number, type of identification document and place of issue
  • Nationality
  • Number of accommodation unit/s, type of accommodation unit/s
  • Arrival and departure date
  • Number of persons for accommodation unit/s and layout per unit
  • Minors
  • Possibly other specifics depending on the requirement of the person booking
  • E-mail address if the person has one
  • Language
  • Phone number
  • Payment method and possible additional information needed to execute the transaction or secure payment

In case of cancellation, it is our duty to save your data for the purpose of proving the reservation or cancellation.

Upon arrival at the property, guests generally check in at the reception via a registration form that they fill out or review and confirm the accuracy of the data. In any case, the data is entered into the guest database from which is automatically sent to the eVisitor system (a unique online information system for check-in and check-out of guests) in order to comply with the legal obligations of Argosy d.o.o. Data collected (data may change due to changes in positive regulations):

  • Name and Surname
  • Place, country and date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Number and type of identification document
  • Residence and address
  • Arrival date and time or departure from the property
  • Sex
  • Basis for exemption from tourist tax payment or for reduction of tourist tax payment

Above mentioned data is processed by the tourist board and by public authorities of Croatia for following legal purposes:

  • monitoring the fulfillment of obligation to register and deregister tourists (accommodation service provider)
  • keeping records, calculating and collecting tourist tax
  • reporting foreigners to the ministry in charge of internal affairs and monitoring the execution of the stated obligation by inspection personnel
  • keeping a list of tourists by tourist boards and statistical processing and reporting
  • supervising the operations of the accommodation provider in the part related to the legality of performing activities or the provision of registered services and compliance with tax and other regulations on public benefits.

Since it is prescribed that the guests’ data from the identity card, travel or other identity document is entered into the database for the registration, the guest is obliged to provide Argosy d.o.o. such document as well as all other information necessary for the entry of data, which is not contained in such a document. Also, in order to achieve certain rights and benefits, it is necessary to enclose (copies) of matching documents, certificates and documents by which such rights and benefits are proven and achieved.

Furthermore, Argosy d.o.o. he is obliged to keep all invoices, as well as the basis for issuing invoices supplied to guests with personal data of the guest in accordance with legal regulations.

Other information related to the circumstances of your stay such as way of travel, travel companions, marital status, number of children and other interests will as well be collected and processed during your stay in case they have a direct connection with the accommodation service.

Based on the legitimate interest, Argosy d.o.o. as the processing controller has the right to send you as a guest by e-mail before, during and after the stay the so-called service messages – booking confirmations, reminders of the stay and other information closely related to the specific stay you have booked.

Additionally, based on legitimate interest, Argosy d.o.o. as a processing controller has the right to send you as a guest by e-mail, SMS and / or instant messaging platform (Viber, Whatsapp, etc.) satisfaction questionnaires during and after the stay that will be processed by themselves or business associates. The primary purpose of the satisfaction questionnaire is to collect service data for the legitimate interest of service improvement by Argosy d.o.o.. Argosy d.o.o. can depersonalize and process this data from the questionnaire for statistical purposes.

The information you send us in your job application will be used to process your application, evaluate your abilities and qualifications for the job and to communicate with you. If you become a member of our team, any personal data you send to us may be stored as information about you and may be used for other needs related to the organization of work and the workplace. In addition to the information we collect directly from you, we may also export information about you based on the data you provide to us or other data we collect.

Argosy d.o.o. as a data controller has a legitimate interest in implementing video surveillance measures to protect property and persons in relation to certain workplace positions but also has the legal duty to set up surveillance cameras that record employees and anyone moving within the surveillance camera.

Argosy d.o.o indicates all places where a video surveillance system has been installed in the prescribed manner.

Argosy d.o.o. is aware that the videos contain the personal data of all persons moving within the visor of the surveillance camera, and therefore treat them with special care. Furthermore, we have implemented a security system and introduced an availability and deletion policy regulated by the internal security rules of Argosy d.o.o.

Videos are regularly rewritten and automatically deleted after a maximum of 30 days from the recording date. They are exceptionally kept longer when they serve as evidence for competent state authorities in trials. The extracted videos are stored in a centralized messaging system with extremely limited access.

In the event of court and / or criminal trials, Argosy d.o.o. may use such videos. Access to personal data recorded on video recordings may be granted to third parties, data processors and contractual partners of Argosy d.o.o. who are registered and qualified to provide personal and property protection services and who do not use any of this data independently, but participate in activities related to the security of central surveillance and alarm systems. All other details regarding video surveillance are subject to special regulations governing the area.

Argosy d.o.o advises parents and guardians to teach their children (under the age of 18) how to handle personal data safely and responsibly, especially online. Argosy d.o.o. does not intend to process the personal data of children, except with the prior consent of a parent or guardian.

We will hold your personal information only for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collected it, including for the purpose of meeting any legal, accounting or reporting requirements.

Data that are legally collected are stored for a period of time prescribed by a specific law or other positive regulation.

The data collected by Argosy d.o.o on a contractual basis is stored only for a certain period of time required to fulfill the contract or provide the service.

The term “sensitive data” refers to data relating to your racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, syndicate membership, health, sex or sexual orientation, genetic data, criminal records and any other biometric data which are used for the purpose of unique identification. We do not collect sensitive information unless you provide it to us voluntarily.We may use the health information you provide to better serve you and meet your special needs as for example, providing wellness services or for people with reduced mobility.

Regardless of the basis for data collection, you can request free of charge at any time:

• Access, correction or completion of missing data in all personal databases, which Argosy d.o.o will grant you access to or correct your data in all its databases depending on your request;

• Removal (“right to forget”) of personal data from all databases which Argosy d.o.o. then will delete from all its databases, except those that Argosy d.o.o. is obliged to maintain and preserve according to positive regulations and in case there are no necessary legitimate reasons for processing or processing is not necessary for the establishment, execution or defense of legal claims;

• Restriction of processing of your data or to file a complaint regarding the processing of such data;

• Data transmission that was collected about you from ourselves or third parties (“right to data portability”), in accordance with positive legal regulations;

• Withdrawal of consent, when the data are given on consent basis without any negative consequences;

• To file a complaint with the supervisory authorties – the Agency for Personal Data Protection (for more information visit

Please send your written request to the contact e-mail address of the Personal Data Protection Officer at or by regular mail addressed to Argosy d.o.o.

Your consent

When you provide your data to Argosy d.o.o in any way (reservation, registration), you guarantee that the information you have provided is correct, that you are legally able and authorized to dispose with the given information and that you fully agree that Argosy d.o.o. uses and collects your information according the law and the terms of this privacy policy.

Argosy d.o.o, as processing controller takes maximum care to meet the highest organizational and technical data protection standards.

Therefore, taking into account excellence, implementation costs and the nature, scope, context and purpose of the processing, as well as the risks arising from the data processing of various levels of probability and severity that may affect the rights or freedoms of individuals, processing itself, we take appropriate technical and organizational measures to enable the effective application of data protection principles.

Furthermore, Argosy d.o.o takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that only personal data required for each specific processing purpose are processed in an integrated manner. Argosy d.o.o imposes this measure on the amount of personal data collected, the scope of their processing, the storage period and their availability. In particular, such measures ensure that personal data are not automatically available to an unlimited number of persons without personal intervention.

This Privacy Policy is available at, as well as at the reception of the Osmoliš Hotel.